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Sunday, July 17, 2005

okay so yeah, havent updated in a while!!

What up my peeps! Hope this are going well stateside. Things here are wonderful and terrible....welcome to the bipolar world of Peace Corps!! Actually things are really great for the most part so dont think I'm in hell or anything. Kenya is really beautiful though the culture shock is truly amazing. Training generally sucks but I love my homestay family and they have been really wonderful. Now to answer a few questions I know are on peoples minds.
1. Yes we have finally seen some animals....baboons, warthogs, and zebras so far.
2. Yes I have been sick a few times and my stomach aint feelin too hot right now either.
3.Yes I dont know where I will be living Busia Town, my house
a five minute walk from Uganda.
4. Yes the food in Kenya generally sucks....except chapati which is kinda like a flour torilla....kenyan style.
5. Yes I am learning Kiswahilli and enjoying the language.
6. Yes I take a bath in a bucket.
7. Yes i poo in a hole in the ground....called a choo.
8. Yes I miss all of you.
9. Yes I love the other volunteeres in my group.
10. Yes i'm pissed at my friends that have not writte...except Kelli and Sara...they wrote me.
11. Yes I will post again soon.

We are in nairobi right now which is great. Anytime we get to come here we really enjoy it. I actually got to see a movie in a real theatre last night....we went to see Fantastic Four....dont know if it was good or I was just desperate.


  • At 3:37 PM, Blogger renee said…

    Darlin steve, you do realise that you need to keep this updated for me!!!! Let me know your address in Busia so I can send some American Goodness. If there is anything in particular let me know. Miss ya tons!!!!! Have fun in Busia for me!!!!


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